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Thank you for seeking out the Lisa Byrd Collection

for your yoni egg, intentional adornment and crystal reiki healing needs. 

At the moment, I prefer to provide my one of a kind, magical healing tools through my facebook page so that I can release limited collections easily and make sure to get you the right tool for what you need. Please see me there.


Much gratitude, Lisa Byrd


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FAQ Yoni Eggs and Yoni Spheres

What is a yoni egg or yoni sphere?


'Yoni' is an ancient sanskrit word for vagina or 'sacred place' and versions of this word have been used in many cultures throughout time to identify this sacred space in a woman. Personally, I feel that referring to the ‘yoni’ acknowledges the divine and the ancient reference to the power of a woman as goddess, creator, healer.


Use of yoni eggs and yoni spheres are an ancient practice of Asia going back centuries, courtesans and women of royal lineage used them after giving birth to help to tighten their pelvic floor and vagina, to increase wetness of the vagina, cure infections and bacteria, decrease incontinence when aging, keep them looking young, decreasing fine lines and wrinkles on the face and better overall health, they essentially increase sexual pleasure for women and men and help to keep women healthy and youthful by massing the vagina using reflexology points that connect to all of your organs. 


How do I choose one, which one is right for me?


Each particular crystal has special healing attributes to work on your physical, spiritual and energetic body. You should choose a stone that resonated with you either by sight or research into it’s healing properties. Trust your intuition.


How do I use a yoni egg or yoni sphere?


You can use the yoni eggs and spheres several ways, either by carrying it with you, putting it in your bra or in your bag, on your desk, next to your bed, under your pillow, keeping it in your presence and placing it on your body while laying down. Just having an activated crystal in your precence will allow you to access its healing vibration. You can infuse water with it by putting it in a glass pitcher of water and leaving it where the sunlight shines on it for a few hours to infuse the water with the healing properties of the water and then drink the water (not all crystals are safe to put in water, check to see if it is water soluable, but rest assured that all yoni eggs and yoni spheres sold here as safe for internal use and therefore safe for water infusion). You can also place it in your bath and work with it the same way to infuse your water.


Of course, though, the main reason for the lovely egg and sphere shape is that it is perfectly suited to fit into your vagina. You may want to spend some time with it first, and you will certainly want to energetically and physically cleanse it first. Once you do insert it though, try the practice of 'fire breath', deep pelvic floor breathing to strengthen your vagina and pelvic floor muscles and raise your kundalini energy. You can also do deeper versions of the classic kegal excercises, tightening your vagina, holding it for a few seconds and letting it go. Try to access different muscle groups up through your vagina, not just the one that you use to stop the flow of urine which is what we are traditionally taught. 


How do I energetically and physically cleanse my yoni egg and yoni sphere?


For energetic cleansing, I recommend putting it in the full moon light on a windowsill or outside overnight or in the full sunshine for a few hours or resting it in himalayan sea salt or burning sage or palo santo incense over it to clear it of any energy that it may have picked up on its way to you, every egg and sphere that you purchase from the Lisa Byrd Collection has been placed in full sunlight in a magical waterfall in Thailand on a full moon day where the cool water runs over it as I communicate with the elementals and land guardians and meditate on the intention of cleansing, clearing and charging it to work in it’s best ability to facilitate healing for you. This is a treat that I give myself every month to spend this time infusing my personal crystals and your stones, whether they be jewelry, yoni eggs, yoni spheres or rough stones. The waterfall that I take them too truly is magical and a great relief on a hot day, surrounded by natural jungle. I then leave it out in the garden under the full moon light overnight to charge in it’s glow. Finally, I burn sage incense over the packages to create a protective seal around all of the Lisa Byrd Collection products as they are shipped to you. Before coming to you all of the crystals are kept in an energetically clean environment which is cleansed and cleared daily with tuning forks and sage. Since I faciliate healing work on all levels I am very particular about my space and keeping it charged with positive vibrations only.


Physical cleansing can by done with any safe, chemical free, natural soap and then placing it in a bowl and pouring hot water over it to sterilize it, be careful not to use boiling water, it may crack your crystal. Once it is cleansed, you can set an intention by meditating with it or holding it in your dominant hand and telling it what exactly you would like it to help you with. Then you are ready to use it! You can insert it into your vagina small or large tip, up to you. You can use organic coconut oil if you need a lubricant. You can do this at a special time for yourself and meditate or ‘talk to’ the spirit of the crystal as you fall asleep. You can also go about your day as usual with the yoni egg or yoni sphere inside, exercising, working, sleeping, you may notice some emotions or physical changes coming up, that is the egg working with you, make sure to acknowledge those feelings, whether they be uncomfortable or pleasurable, this is how we learn and grow with our crystals.


How long do I keep my yoni egg or yoni sphere in?


It is up to you and your crystal! Some just insert it when they want to meditate on their manifestation or when they are taking a spiritual bath or doing a detox or for a lovemaking session (yes, you can try that too!). Usually, I would suggest leaving the egg in until it decides to come out on it’s own. But if you feel insecure like it might come out while you are walking or at work, you don’t want to cause anxiety, keep it in for a few hours at a time while you are at home until you feel stronger and more comfortable that it won’t fall out.


What if it gets 'stuck'?!


Remember sistars, we push babies out of that space, it is not going to get stuck. It is also not going to travel further than the opening of your cervix which is too small for the egg or sphere to enter, there is a limited space there, explore it with your finger if you are unsure. If you want to remove the egg before it comes out on it’s own you can sit on the edge of your bed and place your hand at your yoni and push as if you are making a bowel movement and lean forward or back to encourage it to come out. On the other hand, sometimes they get pushed out accidentally when you make a bowel movement or urinate, keep that in mind, no one wants to fish an egg or sphere out of the toilet! You can avoid this by placing your hand over your yoni while you use the toilet, urine is sterile, you will be fine, wash your hands afterwords as usual. Eventually, you will know when it is close to the opening and you have to do that or not. 



What if I don’t want to put it in my yoni/vagina? Can I still use it?


Absolutely! Essentially, this is a natural stone from the earth which has been used for healing on the energetic and physical level since the beginning of time. You can hold it when you meditate, tuck it in your bra, carry it in your pocket, place it on your desk or alter, bring it with you in your purse or luggage. You can put it near your bed or under your pillow and still set intentions with it on what you want to work on in your life. You will still receive the benefits of the crystals healing love. In this way all of the crystals and eggs and spheres in the Lisa Byrd Collection contain healing vibrations for women, men, children and anyone will benefit from having them around them.


So, why put it in your yoni you might ask? Well, that is the epi-center of our bodies as women, our energetic and physical womb where all things are born. Working with it in that capacity with intention can be even more powerful and life changing. Also, it works as a reflexology tool, massaging all of the nerve endings from the organs in your body and creating an overall healthy, youthful body inside and out. Start by carrying it around and maybe one day you will feel the urge to insert it, when you do though, take care to note the physical and energetic cleansing techniques mentioned here.




Why should I trust Lisa Byrd Collection for my yoni eggs and yoni spheres?


I am passionate about women’s health and a healthy lifestyle in general. I have been a reiki practitioner and crystal healer for over ten years and I have shared many experiences with my clients and in my personal life to bring me to the knowledge that I know have. I would never sell you anything that I didn’t have personal experience with, I use yoni eggs and spheres to help me manifest the life that I want and to stay healthy, I also incorporate the use of essential oils through aromatherapy and crystals in all forms for healing. I believe in unconditional love and sharing our healing gifts with others when we have accessed them. I truly believe that we all have the power to heal ourselves but I acknowledge that we need information, great teachers and tools to achieve that. I am here to provide you with those resources.


What else should I know?


There is much more information coming soon on my website where I will also have a blog detailing my journey of finding these special crystals, ritual and sacred objects, tribal adornment and more for you. I will also elaborate on creating a practice of self love, self care and about healing work that can help you on your journey of creating the life that you choose.


Please sign up for my newsletter here and follow me on Instagram: @lisabyrdcollection and Twitter: @lisabyrdcollect and Facebook: where you can also send an inbox request to be added to our private group called Sacred Yoni Healing to discuss more with your sistars.


Thank you and welcome to the journey to self discovery, self love and self care, let’s go together! 


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All information is written in my own words and is ©Lisa Byrd Collection 2016




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