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 Intuitive Energetic Healing Session




What can an Intuitive Energetic Healing Session with me, do for you?


As a healing facilitator, I use a combination of the energetic healing modalities that I have studied and practiced for over 20 years. It may include Reiki which is Universal Love and Healing Energy that I channel through me to you, the laying on of various crystals, sometimes making a grid around you of crystals to channel energy to where it is needed to clear or charge an energetic center. I may use vibrational sound healing and aromatherapy. By my using all of the tools that are available to me, you are assured that you will recieve the healing that addresses your needs in the best way. We may go on a journey of healing something that has happened to your spirit in a past life or adressing ancestral healing, through shamanic journeying. It is really up to your spirit. Some practicioners like to offer services 'a la carte' I prefer to have all tools on hand and assess the situation for each individual when they book an appointment. 

Whether you're coming to see me for what you feel is a specific issue or general well being and balance, every client leaves a session with a full chakra cleansing, clearing and alignment and having recieved a healing that was best for them at that time. I impart a few tools or techniques to each client that can help them continue their healing journey into their daily lives. 


Why do I need to cleanse, clear and balance my chakras?


Chakras are your bodies energetic system that exist through and around your body, they can affect your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and when they are out of balance you may feel depressed, tired, stressed, overly emotional, unable to follow through with projects, argumentative, creatively blocked, unfulfilled in sexual experiences, out of control, easily addicted to substances, trouble sleeping or excessive sleeping and more.


Cleansing and clearing yourself of past like karma, trauma from this lifetime and energies that you may pick up from others in your family, environment, workplace or ties that you may have to people that you wish to remove can help create clear pathways to achieve your goals and lead a happier, more fulfilled life. 


When you start your day with a balanced chakra/energetic system, you are more likely to be successful in your pursuits, manifest what you need in your life, be open to your intuition and be able to follow through with ideas and projects. You will learn to trust yourself more and act on those ‘gut’ instincts that are for your higher good. You will be clear to accept all of the goodness and prosperity that you deserve and to love yourself enough to receive it.


What happens during an Intuitive Energetic Healing aka Crystal Reiki Chakra Balancing Treatment?


1. Before we begin, I will energetically cleanse and clear the space to prepare for our session.

2. I will ask you to remove your jewelry if you wear any and I will energetically cleanse and clear it of energy that it has picked up so that when you leave the session with a higher, clear vibration, your jewelry will match.

3. If it is called for, we may have a Goddess Card reading to see which Universal energies that we may call upon to assist us during the treatment.

4. You may be asked to choose a stone that calls to you out of the healing stones laid out of the table and I will tell you the healing properties of that stone and how it can assist you in your healing journey.

5. We will consult briefly about why you have come to the treatment, what physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges are you having? If you are coming for a balance and energy boost and don’t have a specific issue to address, that is beautiful as well.

6. You will lay down on a yoga mat or other soft surface, fully clothed.

7. I will lay crystals on your main chakra points and sometimes in a grid around you.

8. I will commence the Reiki treatment while the crystals are on your body. 

9. During the treatment I will cleanse and clear your energy centers (Chakras) and remove any blockages, cords, attachments or anything that is hindering you from being at your highest vibration.

11. During the treatment your spirit guides or ancestors may approach me with a message, if you agree, I will share it with you. Other things may happen such as intense visualizations and shamanic journeying. 

12. I will assess what your spirit needs at that time and choose to use the other tools that I have available, aromatherapy, vibrational sound healing, or acupressure.

13. At the end of the treatment, I will remove the crystals and cleanse the environment, sealing you in a protective space (metaphysically) so that you can continue on your healing journey.

14. We will discuss any emotions, thoughts or feelings that came up during the session.

15. If needed, you will receive a free crystal consultation with guidance about which crystals you may want to purchase to continue to assist you on your healing journey.


What should I keep in mind when booking a Crystal Reiki Chakra Balancing Treatment?


Payment in full is made upon confirmation of booking. 

Arrive on time.

Dress comfortably, you will remove shoes and jewelry only.

Clear your schedule for the time of the session so that you can turn off your phone and relax.

If the session will be in your home, make sure you have a clean, clear from clutter place such as a yoga mat or bed that I can move around to give you the treatment.

I will also need hot water for cleansing the stones after the treatment and making hot tea for you.

Don't schedule anything for right after the treatment so that you can give yourself time to integrate the new energy and relax.

How do I book a session with Lisa Byrd?

Although I am based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I often visit the USA and of course, I can do a full session with just as much effectiveness, online as a distance healing. The best way to book is by emailing me at with three times in the next month that you would like to book for.


Keep my phone number handy in case of changes:

USA: 314-808-0396 Thailand: +66 0810285383 or email

Thank you, 

Lisa Byrd



"Last week I had my first Yoni Steam and Intuitive Healing with Lisa. It has been almost a week and I still draw from the soothing energy when needed. I have been carrying a ton of stress with and within me for the past several months, so much so that my period stopped for the past three months and I have had no sense of direction. I was needing to just unwind and ‘be’ for a few hours. I trusted Lisa in holding that space for me, pampering without hovering over me. I received a great confirmation of that when we hugged hello. Her home is a very inviting space with beautiful candles and crystals and plants. She had prepared tea and a Yoni steam specifically for me and even had a heart shaped home made vegan chocolate and tummy rub oil made just for me. I just followed instructions, what to wear and where to be. Everything else was taken care of. The steam I want to do on a regular basis, honoring the root, it felt very natural, grounding and cleansing. Lisa was somewhere within healing distance while I was in my bubble for 40 min. From there I went seamlessly into a deep state of relaxation for the Intuitive Healing session, which I think, was really already starting. What I appreciate about Lisa is her being present and grounded, down to earth. I always felt her very firm, yet soft. I liked the sound of her feet on the ground, and that’s her energy, if that makes sense. I don’t like tiptoeing and whispering. After the session we shared our experiences and Lisa gave me a beautiful visualization to do at home. It was three hours of pure bliss! I kept that evening and the next day free to enjoy and absorb the energy. Well, that very evening my sacred blood was free to flow! I highly recommend this treatment whether you have a serious identified need or want some general pampering and healing. Gratitude, Monika, Chiang Mai, Thailand.”


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