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Shipping and Handling Procedures for Lisa Byrd Collection Purchases


Overview of Lisa Byrd Collection shipping and handling policies:


All crystals, stones, yoni eggs and yoni spheres in the Lisa Byrd Collection have been cleansed and cleared in the sunshine and magical waterfalls of Northern Thailand where I live, they are then sterilized with hot himalayan pink salt water and washed with natural castille soap and essential oils and charged with reiki before lovingly being packaged and sent to you, if you would like it charged for a specific purpose please let me know. Before coming to you your egg has been kept in a very high vibration space which is cleansed and cleared every day with a tuning fork and sage. I am a certified Crystal Reiki Master and have been doing this work for over 10 years, these crystals will have a beautiful healing energy when they arrive to you and be fully activated to work to the best of their healing powers. I take this responsibility very seriously. Each one is beautiful and unique in it’s own way, just like you! Therefore, each stone is absolutely perfect as it is.


All fabrics have been pre-washed and are suggested to wash in cold water and line dry for optimal results.


Since most of our jewelry are vintage tribal pieces that have been worn through generations or at least by one tribal woman, they may not be in ‘perfect’ condition. Please see the unique value of a piece that carries such beauty and history and nomadic energy. I hand select each piece of adornment from the artisan or current owner while travelling in my work with refugees in SE Asia to ensure the best and most unique quality for you and the fairest price for them.



As I am based in Thailand, your typical shipping time is going to be longer than most. I try to keep my prices similar with those who are selling direct from the USA where many of you are even though shipping typically costs me three times more to ship to you internationally. For this reason, I include shipping in the total cost of my products and I always include a free surprise gift to make up for that wait! Sometimes it is my own blend of Universal Love Tea, sometimes it is a handwoven bracelet by the tribal women here or something else just as lovely that will warm your heart and remind you that you are loved and appreciated. Also, of course, every yoni egg or sphere comes with a free hand stitched pouch, I aim to help support local tribal women by purchasing their products at fair trade prices. This contributes to the overall respect, loving and support towards women that is part of the Lisa Byrd Collection. 


I typically ship twice a week. You can expect about a 14 business day delivery time from the date of shipping. Although, it is not unheard of for packages to arrive much sooner or longer than the expected time, that is on the postal service of your destination country. If you receive a tracking number and check it online, until it leaves Thailand you can check on and then on the postal service of the destination country. Thailand post is very efficient and reliable, I have never had an issue with them in over 10 years. 


In the unlikely event that your product were to arrive damaged or broken, please contact your postal service providor, we pack your items very well in bubble wrap and padded envelopes and cannot issue refunds on damaged products. Absolutely all sales are final.


Receipt of yoni egg, sphere or healing crystal:


When you receive your crystal I suggest washing it with a natural soap and hot water since it has been traveling, it will then be ready to work with you! You may want to carry it around for a while near you, sleep with it under your pillow, get used to it’s energy and even hold it in a meditation and ask the crystal spirit to work with you on a particular issue, be it physical, mental, spiritual. You can set affirmations and intentions in this way; holding the crystal in your dominant hand, speaking to it’s spirit in a clear and direct way, ask it to assist you on a particular path. Your ready when your ready, trust yourself! Something led you on the path of working with crystals to access your higher consciousness and that of the universe, follow that intention and watch the beautiful, loving, healing energy of the universe unfold around you. 



Please see the FAQ page to learn more about how to physically and energetically cleanse, clear and charge your crystals to keep them in their optimal state. 



Share your pics of your Lisa Byrd Collection items on social media, keep the flow of love and abundance going and let others know how much you LOVE our unique items. I am always excited to hear how things work out for you, what special event you wore your tribal adornment too, what healing has been facilitated by using your yoni egg, etc. Please SHARE, don’t keep all of that goodness to yourself! You can also send an inbox request to the Lisa Byrd Collection page on fb to be added to our secred group; Sacred Yoni Healing where we give each other tips and suggestions, share our healing journey and where the new collections are released first.        




Share your pics, see many more products, flash sales and learn more about the collection here:


Instagram: @LisaByrdCollection

Twitter: @LisaByrdCollect




Thank you so much for your purchase, support, love and inspiration.

If you have more questions after checking the FAQ page, please feel free to email me at:

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